Few sectors of the economy have the potential to transform communities like creative industries.  They have the ability to reshape a city’s image, become a magnet for outside talent, boost vibrancy and quality of life to provide an economic advantage over competing communities without rich creative sectors.  Hamilton offers all the key ingredients to become a creative industrial hotbed in Canada:  excellent quality of life, affordable living options, easy access to major markets within a 100km radius including Toronto and the northern U.S.A., and, most importantly, a well-developed and growing local scene.

For over 100 years Hamilton has had a vibrant and dynamic creative industries cluster that is in the midst of yet another boom period.  From our foundations as Canada’s industrial heartland, Hamilton as a “city of artists” in many fields has driven local prosperity.  Artists and creative businesses in most every discipline have thrived in our community as there is growing internal and external markets for local creativity, strong opportunities for presentation (festivals, galleries, music venues), excellent networks that are easy to access, and a growing population who engage in their local cultural community.


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  1. David Ross says:

    I’m writing you to introduce myself and my new digital cinema company, Focus and Shadow. Below you’ll find a brief link to my showreel and website as well as a bit of info on the company and why we chose Hamilton.

    Focus and Shadow

    We are a full purpose video production company based in Hamilton Ontario. Owner/ operator/ producer/ director/ and nearly everything-else-er, David Ross has years of experience in film, television, and web video advertising. His cinematic approach sets the work apart, providing small businesses and bands with the big marketing tools they need to communicate their message. David is also available for hire as director, DOP, camera op/ assist, grip, etc.

    Why Hamilton?

    Originally from the Windsor area, I moved to Hamilton for a change of scenery. And what beautiful scenery it is! At first I fell in love with Hamilton’s aesthetic. It’s preserved rustic heritage and gorgeous vistas provided by the Escarpment are more than enough inspiration for any image maker. I was committed however, after my first Art Crawl. The sense of enthusiasm and collaboration was simply life changing. There is creative and sustainable entrepreneurship everywhere you look. I realize this is a common story for many who find their way to Hamilton, but what a wonderful story to be a part of. That’s why I want to live here… and shop here… and film here.

  2. admin says:

    Hi David and thanks for reaching out on this site. My apologies for taking a long time to react but we don’t often receive legit emails here. Thank goodness we spoke through other means.

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